Corporate Hospitality

      Drive Different

CorporateHospitalityA reliable chauffeur service begins with good planning. Your corporate hospitality deserves a punctual and proficient, professional chauffeur service. Reliability for most of our clients is only second to safety. We are constantly striving to make our executive chauffeur car service as dependable as is possible. From clear and detailed booking confirmations, fleet maintenance and driver training, we ensure that you get the reliable chauffeur service you need for your hospitality event.

Careful Planning 

Your bookings are always double checked by one of Diamon Luxury Travel’s experienced operators. Using a combination of IT tools and years of experience, you will be given realistic journey times, allowing for unexpected delays or changes of itinerary.



Always On Time

Modern business is driven by time – meetings and clients will not always wait. So if you are not on time, your competitors will be ready to jump in your absence. Diamond Luxury Travel drivers always arrive 15 minutes early. This gives you greater flexibility, and more importantly peace of mind, allowing you to relax and focus on the task ahead. 

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